Solid-State High-Power Generators

The STPG 2450 series are compact, modular, high-power, synthesized, solid-state generators that operate in the 2.45GHz ISM frequency range. Depending on the number and type of internal power amplifier (PA) modules, the generator provides maximal CW output power Pmax = 200 W (model STPG 2450-200), Pmax = 400 W (model STPG 2450-400), or Pmax = 800 W (model STPG 2450-800).

The generator frequency and output power can be set in fine steps either locally via LCD touchscreen, or remotely via RS232 or USB interface using SCPI language. A complimentary Windows-based control program is a part of the delivery. The output (forward) power level is calibrated from 100 mW (20dBm) to Pmax/2 in full frequency range. The power is precisely leveled in this range using a proprietary levelling loop. Actual forward and reverse power values are accurately measured using an internal bidirectional power meter.

STPG 2450 comprises the following components:

  • Solid state synthesizer with power leveling
  • One or two solid state power amplifier modules
  • DC power supplies (one for each PA module)
  • Power combiners
  • Bidirectional power meter with leveling output
  • Cooling water flowmeter
  • Internal controller
  • Touch panel LCD display
  • Waveform generator

The generator is built in a standard 3U-height 19’’ cabinet with depth 434.5 mm. It is cooled by water, which substantially reduces its acoustic noise compared to air-cooling.

Model Description ISM Band Power
STPG 2450-200 Solid-state generator with CW Pmax = 200 W 2450 MHz 200 W
STPG 2450-400 Solid-state generator with CW Pmax = 400 W 2450 MHz 400 W
STPG 2450-800 Solid-state generator with CW Pmax = 800 W 2450 MHz 800 W